An Insight about Accidental Death Cover

We have various types of life insurance policies these days. The life insurance policies can also be divided in two classes and that is temporary insurance and permanent insurance. Accidental death policy is one kind of limited life insurance policy, where the insured is covered for death due to accident. Here the insurance is only for covering death caused due to any injury or any mishap due to accident and not due to other reason like health issues or suicide. These policies comparatively come cheaper since they only provide cover for life due to accident.

When Can a Person Consider Accident Insurance?

Looking at the limitation of accident policy it might not a type of insurance which most of the people would opt for. But in some cases opting for such insurance can be beneficial. In cases where a person is covered through group insurance, because of being an employee of a company, he might not feel the need to buy life cover separately, so accident insurance can be opted by them as an additional cover. With specialized accident cover, one gets additional protection, this can be one reason people can also opt for this insurance. The accident cover is limited period insurance which cover the insured for a specific period of time as per the contract.

Softros LAN Messenger

A easy to use LAN messaging application, Softros LAN Messenger software is highly safe and secure software for very effective communication of peers in the company. Inbuilt with quality environment, Softros delivers quick exchange of files and information between PC to PC, group LAN chatrooms, broadcast messages etc. This is a secure server-less messaging application of standalone P2P environment with working in an offline networks. Each of the messages that are transacted would be secured by AES encryption programme. Works on LAN or Wan, Softros has various advantages that not only help your company’s employees’ communication better but also easy to create goals with better results.

Not requiring and server, Softros classifies ant Windows user accounts and in any of the TCP/IP network. With various tools inbuilt in Softros such as alarms, private messages, etc and many more in this intuitive interface, it is far easier to create a safer environment for the employees of any company or business. If your company is in need of solutions that deal with issues of trivial problem dealings, Softros instant messenger is helpful in clearing the pressure by simply appointing this tool on every computer of the company.

Key features of the messenger:
•       Intuitive interface instant messenger with no special training required
•       Easy installation steps and user friendly
•       Better security and safe communications, Safe exchange of messages and files
•       Stand-alone P2P application
•       No Server at all, no much space required for installation
•       Offline messaging, meaning no use of internet at all
•       Group chatting, able to create chat rooms easy and straight, better conversations
•       Safe tracking and storing of message history
•       Drag and drop file attachments got easier
•       LAN, VLAN, WAN, VPN Support – application allows to link company’s location or subnets          in a single messaging application
•       Full support with respect to Microsoft and Citrix Terminal Services
•       Restrictions of user Access

The difference between Goley, MMORACING and Board Games in Story

The ultimate fun and thrilling in the games presented by Joygame, the company that achieved huge success to be one of the exclusive epic games publishers all over the world.
In Modoo Marble, the board game, the main factor that controls your performance and your fate in game is the dice. The dice in Modoo Marble can make you the richest player in the game and can also lead you to bankruptcy. Sometimes you will need to sell some of your properties, whether they’re facilities build on cities or even the entire cities in order to pay tolls for your opponents in case you passed by any of their cities while you were on low Marbles. So are you ready to experience the life of risk in the world of Board Games through Modoo Marble.

To dominate, you need to put a solid strategy that constrain your opponent by abusing his weak points in order to grant your team the advantage on them on the field and when you succeed in doing this, you make your opponent feel that you’re unbeatable which confuses him regardless to his strength and regardless to how many stars he has in his team because in Goley , it’s not only about the players in the team but also the coach and his instructions are a big factor for victory, that’s why the players and their coach should be at a good level of understanding together, so consider this while picking your team members in the world of Goley, because the stronger the bond between the players and their coach, the harder they can be beaten on the field.

Finally and last but not least, Joygame present to you a game that goes under the category of MMORACING games, a game that gained a huge fan-base due to its high technicality, graphics and smooth game play, Need for Speed. Need for Speed is a game that gives you the opportunity to compete against tough drivers on insane roads so are you ready!

Use Cloud Technology To Managing Your Business

Numerous Restaurant chains have numerous limbs in better places, and off and on again it may not be not difficult to reconnoiter each little thing here. This industry additionally has a considerable measure of staff necessity and immense support which is hard to handle at times; such a variety of times the holders neglect to roll out fundamental advancement improvements which are needed by the business. Machine improves work then a Man this is the thing that we know on the grounds that it works in fact adjust, the uplifting news is that now we have a decent engineering to keep up this work effortlessly through most recent cloud innovation.

Here this engineering might be effectively utilized through ipad or cell phones, which is adaptably open by everyone nowadays. This provision comes with such a variety of gimmicks for the clients and for the holders. Here the menu could be composed as per prerequisite and the costs might be effectively changed digitally in the gadget, in the meantime it serves to store the information which serves to know the day by day or month to month deals which could be simple for planning framework. The clients can without much of a stretch make their installments through this gadget in the meantime, its simple for staff to know the client like and aversions and likewise have an arrangement of their consistent client through which they could give the best cordiality administrations.

The link to think about this new engineering is

Tring Tring – Pick The Phone

In the earlier times, when we had landline phones, tring – tring was the common ringtone which these phones used to have and you had no other option to change it at that times, but today with the introduction of new mobile advancement technology, we have many ringtones available along with the regular tring tring ringtone. These features help users to change their ring tones whenever they want, which means they can keep downloading the latest ringtones and can easily use them anytime. Thanks to ringtone app which are available online for all kinds of phones and their operating system.

Status Symbol

These ringtones have become a status symbols for the cell phones, where the ringtones shows people how updated you are with new changes happening around. This has also become the fastest growing feature today. The best part is that you can set different ringtones for different contacts on your phone, which means you can set one ringtone for your Mom’s contact and you can set other ringtone for your husbands ringtone, which also helps you to easily identify who is calling when they call you without checking on the screen. Don’t wait to try all these new features on you mobile phones.

Creativity Has No End And Invention Has No limit

We are in a world where today we have lot of competition in every line of business. There have various creative ideas which is being invented in a rapid pace and in anyways this competition has been always beneficial to the consumers as they get more options and choice to pick the best out of their choice. Lets check about our mobile phones itself, we have so many brands available with different operating system, along with that we have new applications being introduced which we can easily download and use, this was not enough that now we have many decorative things available for our phones, which would make it look more fancy. This also includes the mobile case covers, where we can now get great variety of case covers easily.

Mobile case

When you walk into a shop you might really not feel that you have great options to buy a case cover for your phones, but if you buy online case for iphone 4, you would really agree on this because you can easily find many beautiful covers for your phones online. These mostly available almost for all of the branded phones today. Instead you also have an option on getting a case cover pictured with your photo. They really say, there is no end of creativity

Gift A Beautiful Video Collage To Your Loved One

Gifts always adds a smile on every ones face, because it represents love and affection. We always have a big confusion when we have to buy a gift for someone, its because we intend to make the person feel very special with that gift and so many time we also thing of making something out of our creativity which would look more natural and precious. One of such ideas is to make a collage of beautiful pictures of their memories and gift it to them. This can be easily done with various softwares available online or offline. In the same we have new technology called screencast which gives an added advantage of digitally record videos and computer screens easily. This can also be used to make beautiful video collage with on screen authors narrating the message to your loved ones. That really sounds interesting.

 We see such similar kinds on TV shows etc, this technology is also being used for documentary film making nowadays. Here you could easily club various multimedia programs and files like videos, photos and music under one platform which easily allows you to share your contents and ideas across people in more interesting manner. These Software’s can be downloaded with affordable rates online anytime.

Don’t Try To Be A Victim Of Any Cyber Fraud

The world has become a cyber-hub, where computers and internet has gained a good popularity and an essential role in this fast moving day to day life. This technology has brought lot of advancement and benefits to the society in many ways, this has helped to bring the world together at a same page, where we all can be connected through internet and its great ideas. But as we have always heard that there are always two sides of a coin, in the same way there have been many disadvantages of internet which has also caused great losses in a larger scale, these crimes are also knows as cybercrime Or cyber frauds. That is the reason why cybercrime branch was open to overcome these crimes and to find solutions to stop such kinds of problems. We have experts in these technologies who are known as hackers who are efficient enough to break security of any websites and at the same time develop software’s to spread virus or track things.

In such situations it might not be easy to deal with any online transactions on the bank websites or web payment pages. They were many people who still believe that using bank details for any such transactions are very risky, for such myths and to assure customers about the safety there have been few visa secure software’s who have introduced many such websites which would provide secured transactions on website payment security pages or any banking transactions. This software’s are best used by banking websites and other websites which has online payment options to assure that their customer’s data and transactions are safe and secured. 3d secure authentication is one such solution.

Electronic transactions

The payments which we do online are mostly considered as electronic transactions; we might have a question that how do these secured websites work? This works through the security protocol which is monitored through a software on the payment page, most of the time you would have observed that when you click on the option to so the payment, you get a new screen which might look different than the website page in which you were working, this is because of the secure electronic transaction software running behind this page. This software’s are mainly to secure the details which you enter to make any transaction. is one such example of such kind of services. Cyberplat provides best online secured techniques for the websites; they keep developing new modules which work as added features to these E-Commerce websites.

Negative effects of computers on the society

Almost all aspects of the life have been touched by computers and the internet. It is very rare to find a business or household that does not use computer in some form. Even though technology has taken people to higher levels of convenience, there are some negative impacts of computers on society too. Let us have a look at some of them.

 Security is one of the most important negative effects that come with emerging technology. Computers and the internet are used by the criminal element to exploit and harm others


  • Because of several crimes like identity theft, embezzlement, hacking and other kings of theft, the risk of doing business online has increased.
  • Most of people have become dependent on computers nowadays instead of thinking for one’s self and think that whatever is in computer is right. This is really a dangerous notion.
  • Today many people do not know how to do transactions or activities manually that the computer routinely takes care of. Think what happens if computer or internet is severed permanently one day. It causes a lot of problems since most of the people do not know to take care of some basic necessities because of this dependency on computers and internet.
  • Computer use can even result in vision problems and exposure to the radiations of the computers for longer hours can affect your health.
  • Some people spend a lot of time on Computers and they lose contact with the actual real world.

Most of us know only the pros of computers but it is better to know the drawbacks also and take appropriate measures.

How computer technology has changed our everyday lives?

Computer technology has affected our lives in many different ways. In every field imaginable, technology has been changing rapidly over the last few years. They have the capacity to do various tasks from simple calculation to complex programs. Before the evolution of computers, it was very difficult to communicate from one business to the other.


  • Now smart phones are capable to act as a standalone computer using which we can take pictures, send emails, text messages, search the internet and even do phone calls.
  • Now automobiles are being manufactured with the facility of emergence call features and standard GPS. This give space of mind to drivers and passengers since these features provide safety and convenience for them.
  • You can now do a transaction without any difficulties with a person very far.
  • At the comfort of your home, you can now book bus tickets, train tickets and even flight tickets without the need to move.
  • Now you can pay your electricity bills, telephone bills and all the account related jobs online using available online facilities.
  • Now you have the opportunity to learn interactive classrooms using projectors and 3D images. It is possible for any student to learn through video conferencing.
  • Instead of sending letters, now we are able to send email which will be received instantly.
  • Computers are used to fill out the data by banks and other financial institutions instead of doing it manually.

These are some of the technological advancements that improved our lives. Today somehow every device is tied to computer technology.